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First Post

Mostly talking to myself here.

I’m not sure how private or public I want this blog to be… After signing up on Instagram a few days ago, I may be coming to the conclusion that I am perhaps not a ‘sharing’ person; I briefly considered posting some daily draws there, but the thought made me nauseous.

And all the pulling and prodding that place does! Also, I had forgotten the whole ‘like’ thing makes me angry for some reason.


But perhaps a nice, boring WordPress blog is a better place for some ramblings about tarot, and maybe some other stuff as well; books, for instance.

That’s another reason not to get sucked into online stuff too much; in order to feel good and feel like myself, I have to read. Read oodles of books, immerse myself in them, just spend a whole day reading sometimes, to emerge dizzy and breathless.

I can’t do that when I keep going online for something.


Right. Let’s see how to get this published.


Over &out!

Eerste blogbericht

Eerste blogbericht

Dit is je eerste bericht. Klik op Bewerken om het aan te passen of te verwijderen, of maak een nieuw bericht aan. Als je wilt, kun je dit bericht gebruiken om lezers te vertellen waarom je deze blog bent begonnen en wat je ermee wilt doen. Als je hulp nodig hebt, kun je de vriendelijke mensen van de ondersteuningsforums hierom vragen.