First Post

Mostly talking to myself here.

I’m not sure how private or public I want this blog to be… After signing up on Instagram a few days ago, I may be coming to the conclusion that I am perhaps not a ‘sharing’ person; I briefly considered posting some daily draws there, but the thought made me nauseous.

And all the pulling and prodding that place does! Also, I had forgotten the whole ‘like’ thing makes me angry for some reason.


But perhaps a nice, boring WordPress blog is a better place for some ramblings about tarot, and maybe some other stuff as well; books, for instance.

That’s another reason not to get sucked into online stuff too much; in order to feel good and feel like myself, I have to read. Read oodles of books, immerse myself in them, just spend a whole day reading sometimes, to emerge dizzy and breathless.

I can’t do that when I keep going online for something.


Right. Let’s see how to get this published.


Over &out!